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Water Services Air Services

Whether for drinking, bathing, recreation or industrial processes, water is one of the critical resources of the day, and always has been.  Our water is obtained from several sources, ground water, surface water and precipitation or storm water.  There are environmental rules and regulations that address every form of water.  If you drink it, use it or could potentially impact it you need to be aware of the rules and regulations that affect it.

Timber Creek can assist you with:

• Storm Water Compliance (Industry and Construction)

• Waste Water Permitting and Compliance

• Ground Water Investigation/Remediation

• Drinking/Potable Water System Compliance

• Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures Plans

• Facility Response Plans

• Integrated Contingency Plans

• Training

Waste Services

Every industrial facility is required to classify, manage and properly dispose of the solid wastes generated on site.  Solid wastes can include liquids as well as solids and are defined as “unwanted or discarded materials left over from a manufacturing process”.  These wastes can fall into several different categories, which can include:

• Hazardous or Acutely Hazardous;

• Non Hazardous (Class 1, Class 2 or Class 3); or

• Universal


Typical wastes can include: petroleum contaminated materials; paint wastes; ash; slag; packing materials, sludge, discarded batteries and a variety of other materials.


All waste streams must be classified into one of the above categories, and depending on the type and quantity of wastes generated, each facility will fall into a generator category as either:

• Large Quantity Generator;

• Small Quantity Generator; or

• Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator


Compliance requirements are driven by your generator category, as well as the types and quantities of wastes generated.  In addition to classifying and coding the wastes generated, some facilities may also be required to develop and implement Pollution Prevention Plans; Source Reduction and Waste Minimization Plans, and/or file Annual Waste Summaries.


Timber Creek can assist you with:

• Generator Registration

• Waste Classification and Coding

• Waste management procedures

• Determining generator category

• Development of Pollution Prevention Plans; Source Reduction and Waste Minimization Plans,

• Filing Annual Waste Summaries

Air quality has been a driving force in the environmental arena for decades.  It is also a political hot button and Counties/Parishes/States that are home to a variety of industrial activities with potential air impacts can be subject to closer scrutiny.  Regardless of where you operate, almost all processes that generate an emission (furnaces, boilers, blast booths, paint booths, etc.) require some form of an air permit.

Timber Creek can assist you with:

• Air Permitting

» Permit By Rule

» New Source Review

» Prevention of Significant Deterioration

» State Air Construction and Operating Permits

» State Standard Operating and General Operating Permits

» Title V Permits

• Air Permitting Compliance

• Air Emissions Inventory

• Tier II and Tier III Reporting

• Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) Reporting

• Risk Management Planning/Process Safety Management


Most often our client’s operations impact more than one media, and a Multi-Media approach is the best solution.  Timber Creek can comfortably and confidently bridge the gap between air, water and soil to provide a comprehensive, turn-key approach to compliance and or remediation if necessary.

Timber Creek can assist you with:

• Multi-Media Compliance Audits

• Tax Abatement for Pollution Control Equipment Exemptions

• Agency Negotiations

• Environmental Training

Multi-Media Services


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